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Beyond the Break is a heartfelt coming-of-age story, that centers around faith, school, and surfing. Whilst reading this book, I felt instantly transported to my own youth group days, as the descriptions of Lovette’s youth group experiences she provided felt like my own! I also really enjoyed how the school and youth group environments meshed together well, so it didn’t feel like we had too many characters being introduced in such a short time.  Speaking of characters, I adored reading from Lovette’s point of view, with all the struggles of... (Read more)

The Nerd Daily | Louise Nice

Heather Buchta's ability as a writer is undeniable, and I'm lucky to have received an advance copy of her debut novel, Beyond the Break. Through the voice and eyes of main character, Lovette, Ms. Buchta captures the angst and moral dilemmas of the high school experience in a meaningful way─especially family and friendship drama and falling in love for the first time. Though these struggles are not unique, the artful prose makes Lovette's story uniquely her own as we learn how her passion for surfing is also a metaphor for her life. As a reader you're rooting for her as she tries to do what's right for her, within the faith she loves and respects.

Goodreads Review | Lesley Downie

I was completely transported back to my own high school days as I read an advanced copy of Heather’s book - the story takes place in modern day SoCal, not the 80’s like when I was in high school (man I’m old!), but because this story so vividly captures themes that make going through those teenage years feel so huge and important and awkward and real, I connected to the characters and had fun reading this book. The theme of Christian Faith is strong in the story which I think is captured quite well in that it is the main character’s personal passion, and that’s lovely to have a topic like faith and belief explained from a teenager’s point of view.

Goodreads Review | Yvonne Shave

I was able to get my hands on an advance copy of this book and I’m so glad I did. I am not actually a youth. But this book was able to completely transport me back to those awkward, emotional, fun years, without being too cringy or dramatic. I love the voice of the main character and her quirky friends. The author was so descriptive about surfing I almost feel like I could surf now....almost. As a Christian I appreciated how REAL the author describes Lovett’s faith. She talks to God and questions him, thanks Him and gets angry with Him. Like reality. I have a ton of favorite moments in this book. Lots of funny scenes and sincere heartfelt conversations that honestly left me wanting more. If they decide to do a sequel, I’m in!

Goodreads Review | Anna Warde

Goodreads Review | Josie Milewski

I was given an advanced copy of the book and absolutely loved it! The main character is so likeable and relatable. I loved how Christianity was woven throughout the book without being awkward or preach-y. Lovette clearly has a strong faith. Being a Christian young adult as well, I really appreciated how realistic her thoughts and experiences were. The first chapter had me laughing right away and I wasn't able to put the book down. I spent the rest of my afternoon reading! All the characters were so well thought-out and I loved the storyline between Jake and Lovette. I highly recommend the book! I loved it as much at 21 as I am sure I would've as a teenager.

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