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Want to meet Heather in person? Heather Buchta can fly for free, so she is available to visit your library, school, or church! She’d also love to speak at your conference or writing retreat! She is available for fans of all ages, grades 7 through 12, as well as adults. For more information regarding rates, and to book Heather for a visit (virtual or in person), please email Heather’s assistant, Brooke Owens. She can assist you with rates, info, and any other questions you might have. 



Heather gives an interactive and inspiring Keynote presentation, using slides, physical props, and audience participation. She has two different presentations, each lasting around 30 minutes and with an additional 10-15 minutes for questions. Teachers or librarians can choose which talk they’d like Heather to give. 


Presentation One focuses primarily on craft: writing tips, tricks, and her own personal journey to become an author. She teaches about self-discipline, work ethic, and drive, as well as answers frequently asked questions regarding getting an agent, selling a book, editing, revision, and the writing process. She also discusses how she got her ideas for both books, and how teen writers can come up with ideas for their books, too! 


Presentation Two focuses on the themes visited in both of her books. She discusses various events that can shape us as humans, both good and bad, and how we can avoid allowing something to negatively shape us. Using moments from her books and real life, she delves into this poignant life question with the students: when good or bad things happen TO us, what can we allow to happen IN us, so that the best can happen THROUGH us? Her presentation is geared towards grades 9-12, but she can tweak it to fit grades 7-8 as well. 


Heather is the author of two YA Contemporary Romantic Adventures: Beyond The Break (Top 20 GoodReads Choice Award in 2020) and her most recent Chasing After Knight, both published by PenguinTeen. In 2023, keep an eye out for her debut Mad Libs, entitled Keep The Faith! Mad Libs. In 2024, her first YA thriller will be released: All For The Game. Prior to becoming an author, she taught high school in South Central Los Angeles for thirteen years. She graduated from Loyola Marymount with a degree in Communications and Screenwriting. In her free time, she loves to travel and compete in obstacle course racing. She lives with her two rescue dogs in Los Angeles where she surfs, runs, and snowboards. When she’s out walking the beach, you’ll often hear her say, “Excuse me, can I pet your dog?”

Michael Bourret

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