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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It's November! And it's only the 2nd, so if you're like me and on the tardy side of things, it's not too late to set some monthly goals. Grab a piece of paper and write your 30-day wish list.

No, silly. I mean for fitness! Here's mine: 10 mins ab work daily. 25 miles/week running. Hill work twice/week. Fartlec twice a week. Tempo run once a week. Gym 4x/week. 10 mins stretching daily. 100 push-ups daily. 20 pull-ups daily. Sounds great, right? Well, I'd love to say I'm hardcore and A+ disciplined, but I'm just about the most impulsive and all-over-the-map person I know when it comes to structure. Seriously, Jesus is the only One who reins me in, and I'm super thankful that He picks up the slack in my life big time. But... because I know my weaknesses, I have to find a way to set myself up for success rather than failure.

Rather than mess up and give up, I'll take that crazy list and cut it in half. If I end up exceeding my goals, then that's all the more awesome. But instead of creating an ideal that I may or may not reach, I'm seeking to create something totally achievable. Why? Because, for me, accomplishing goals is the ultimate goal. It releases the endorphins and the dopamine I need to tackle the bigger stuff.

So here's my achievable list:

15 miles/week running

*One fartlec run/week

*One tempo run/week

*Hill work twice in November

50 push-ups daily

10 mins ab work 3x week

10 mins stretching 3x week

10 pull-ups 3x week

Gym 2x a week

Next, I pick days to accomplish my list. Schedule it! Otherwise, it stays an idea that "mayyyybe sometime this week, I'll get to that one." Before I know it, it's Saturday, and I'm like, "Dang! So much for that 3x/week thing!"

My gym days will be Monday and Wednesday. My fartlec day will be early in the week because, if you know me, I hate fartlec days. Like worse than lima beans or getting sea water up my nose. My push-ups will take place always directly after my run or workout. I strain my lats if they're not warm already (thanks, not 19 anymore). And my abdominal work will come after that. And my pull-ups, same. My stretching will take place when I watch my nightly 20 mins of Forensics Files. Haha.

It may not always happen that way (don't tuck that shirt in too tight!), but it at least gives me a tangible time frame as to when I'm planning on accomplishing my goals.

Try it out! Set a magnificent goal, and then cut it in half. For you, that may end up as simple as stretching for five minutes a day, and walking 5000 steps. And then on those days you actually hit the original magnificent goal, you'll feel all the prouder and more inspired! So get out there and conquer November. Movement is so important for your mental state. :) Comment here, or send me a private message. I'd love to hear your November fitness goals!

Much love to ya,


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